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16 October 2011...Needless to say, it has been quite a long time since this site has been updated, but today I finished pages 31, 32 and 33 of the resto series.

29 January 2008...Hard at work on redesigning the site. Lots of major changes to design and layout, same dedication to sharing what is interesting. Prototype pages here

20 April 2007...Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? Finally, page 30 of the resto project is up. Thanks so much for your patience. Besides doing the work and photo documenting it, it has taken me most of the day to do the write up and compose the page. Since some of the photos were taken over a year ago, I had to really sit back and remember what each one was.

Part of the reason this has taken so long is that I've been so busy doing the work (and taking photos!) that I haven't gotten around to updating the site. Again, sorry about that for all you resto-watchers! Another part is so many other projects: Taking two F engines apart, cleaning all the parts, measuring them and assembling one good one to go into my 71. Doing a 4 speed conversion on same. Re-did the brakes, rebuilt the knuckles on that rig too. Tech write-ups to come! Tons more in the queue, thanks so much for your patience! Cruise Moab 2007 is less than 2 weeks away, so more updates will likely be after the event is over. Happy cruisin'!

28 January 2007... Happy New Year! Well, I have lots of stuff in the works to update the site. I have been hampered by a lack of FTP access for quite a while now, but by the time you read this it will be from a different host. Long story, no hard feelings, I just need to be able to update this sucker regularly. More to come...

17 May 2006...Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated this site. Thanks for your patience. I just added a page in the tech tips section, I fabricated and installed a new rear sill for my 1971 FJ40. I know, it's not more resto work on the 76, but many of you may find it instructive. Total cost was under $50. If I can do it, you can too!

For you resto-watchers, please be patient. She's actually a fair bit farther along than page 29 shows. I have most of a roll of film exposed in my 35mm, and when I finish it and get it developed, I'll be adding page 30.

13 November 2005...Went through the first 7 pages of the resto series and enlarged the thumbnails to two inches on the longest dimension, at 100DPI. This is a "standard" I had adopted for the more recent pages. When I started this web site, 36k modems were still in widespread use, but today dialup at all is becoming less and less common. I am still on dialup, and want the site to be dialup friendly for everyone, but making the thumbnails a little bigger seemed to make the pages a little easier to see.

5 November 2005...Added the front bumper project to the Tech Tips section.

26 September 2005...Page 29 of the resto series is up. Got the resto home page pointing there, but all the rest of the pages probably still only go up to 28. I'll get around to it. Also, uploaded photos from building a new front winch bumper for my 71 FJ40. I'll try to get that done as time permits.

5 July 2005...On a major roll on web site updates! Actually didn't procrastinate on getting page 28 of the resto series done, it's up now. Then went and linked in all the newer resto pages to the older ones. Along the way I discovered I had links to my old home page on some of the older resto pages, zapped that. Also noticed a bunch of inconsistencies in font sizes and formatting on a bunch of pages, so redid all that. Been working on this for several hours now, time for a break.

4 July 2005...Put up photos and narrative of the tailpipe I installed on my 1978 FJ45. This is linked in from the Tech Tips page. I have also scanned, sized and uploaded the photos for page 28 of the resto series, not sure whether I will find time to write the narrative, make the thumbnails and link that page in today. Been working on the site for a couple hours now and need to go get other stuff done. Happy Independence Day!

28 May 2005...Page 27 is done and linked in from the resto home page, not sure if I even linked it from page 26. All the resto pages need links updated for the last couple pages. I'll get around to it. I installed a new tailpipe in the FJ45 last weekend, took some photos and uploaded them. That'll be a new page in the tech tips section, probably won't get to that today but maybe later this weekend. Got cruiser work to do first!

10 April 2005...Yikes! Over three months since an official update. It's snowing like a son of a gun here in Kittredge today, seems like a good day for updates. First couple months this year I have had difficulty uploading to host. This has been resolved in past couple weeks. Page 26 photos of the resto are up, need to size, and add narrative. Page 27 still need to be scanned and uploaded. Half of page 28 is still in my camera. Yesterday wes wrenching party with Rising Sun, I ended up completely rebuilding the rear diff of my 71 for Cruise Moab 2005. I still need to fab and install a new winch bumper, and rebuild the winch. Happy cruisin'!

29 December 2004...Even though most of the content has been up since October, and then I started on it a couple weeks ago, page 25 on the resto series is finally live. As mentioned below, pages 26 and 27 are photographed and need to be scanned and uploaded. Cruiser news...I stepped aside as Commander of Rising Sun and was elected to Secretary, so I can devote more time to my newly elected duties as TLCA Mountain/Central Representative. This will be a two year term, and my role is to represent the interests of TLCA members who are not in a chapter, who are in my geographic area of responsibility. These duties include keeping member's voices heard at the Board of Director's level, disseminating news from TLCA, helping promote TLCA membership, and helping you get your own TLCA chapter started.

19 October 2004...Page 24 of the the resto section is captioned, narrated and live. Page 25 is scanned but not converted and uploaded and page 26 is shot and developed but not yet scanned. I was going through some of the stuff that is already up here and have realized I have dozens of trail reports and page after page of trail runs to write up. So much to do...

25 September 2004...Got the FJ45 bumper fabrication page up, made the thumbnails and wrote the narrative to go along with it. That was actually from last May, so that's how far behind things are from real time. I have about 3 or 4 more pages of resto work to put up, as of this writing things are coming along nicely on body work.

13 September 2004...Captioned and linked in the 2004 Crawdad party in the photos section. Sized, cropped and uploaded the bumper fabrication photos for the 78 FJ45, I was going to do the write up but ran out of time. I have decided that mixing photos from the digital camera and the 35mm scans is a total pita, and have vowed to not mix the two again. Resto photos will continue to be 35mm scans and others may be either. The resto is a couple months ahead of what the site shows, I have about 75 photos as of this date to scan, upload and write several pages on. Thanks for being patient and happy cruisin'!

5 September 2004...Finally got Jeff Waltermire's 14BT into an FJ70 engine swap. Very nice write-up. I've been sitting on it most of the year and have finally gotten around to posting it, hope everyone enjoys it. Next up will probably be the FJ45 bumper fab project I did back in May. Happy cruisin'!

1 August 2004...New scanner just installed! I scanned and uploaded page 23 of the resto series on the old scanner's last legs so a couple of the last ones have yellow streaks in them. Those are now linked in and I added narrative today. To do: Scan and upload the photos for the tech article on the FJ45 bumper fabrication, Cruise Moab 2004, page 24 resto photos, and make a page to show the photos on my FJ45. Oh yeah, am also im the middle of painting the outside of my house. Yikes...too much to do and not enough time to do it in!

16 July 2004...Scanner broken...not good :-(

I have almost 100 photos to scan and upload. Subjects include Cruise Moab 2004, pages 24 and 25 of the resto series, and a bumper fabrication article for the tech page. Until I get a new scanner, I will see what's already up here and can be tied in. The good news is I now have a digital camera. It's a pretty low end 2Mp, but's fine for web quality photos. Thanks for visiting and hang in there!

6 June 2004...Now that all the former content has been linked in, checked and double checked, I am finally working on new content. Just got finished with page 22 of the resto project. Pages 23 and 24 have yet to be scanned, uploaded and written up. I also have the bumper project for my FJ45 to scan, upload and write about. Thanks for your patience and happy cruisin'!

29 May 2004...I have finally finished moving all my stuff. Good grief it's been a lot of work. I am keeping this page and the home page active for the time being, but if you have any bookmarks (favorites) pointed at any of my other AOL pages or cruiserpages.com pages, you get a redirect page to my new domain. It is at Rzeppa.org. I really don't know when I will get around to updating the content there. It's been a huge chore getting all the navigation URLs pointed to the right places. Soon, hopefully soon. While I was in the process of going through all my stuff, I discovered a bunch of material I had previously uploaded and forgot about. Definitely have my work cut out...

8 May 2004...Cruiserpages dot com is going away, so I will be moving all my content to a new host. I will be getting my own domain too, so all your bookmarks (favorites) that point to parts of my site won't work some time over the next few weeks. After the move is completed I will have to change the domain in all my links that navigate within the site. Then I will start adding all the content I have been accumulating since the last update. This includes:

Pages 22 and 23 of the restoration section

A tech article on installing a 14BT diesel into a 70 series Land Cruiser.

A tech article on an inexpensive lift for an FJ40.

Adding photos of my new-to-me 1978 FJ45!

Updating all my links pages, it's been years since I've done this and I am sure many are broken, and also need to add more.

I'm sure there's plenty more, this is already a huge to-do list. Besides all the tech, I still have lots of stuff from past Cruise Moabs which I haven't gotten around to adding, along with assorted other trail reports. Thanks for your patience; I will keep this part of the site active for at least a month or two to give folks a chance to get their bookmarks updated to my new domain.

19 Oct 2003...Finally finished the knuckle rebuild part of the resto series. It involved over 96 photos and four pages. Pages 18 through 21 encompass a complete knuckle rebuild along with swapping the front diff into the rear, rear into the front, installing a lock right into the rear, and of course all new seals, gaskets and bearings. Somewhere in there was bolting the driveshafts back up. As I write this (28 Oct 2003) I have installed new tie rod ends onto the drag link, tie rod and relay rod and installed them loosly. Of course the pitman arm is also installed now. I will have to adjust them to the nominal lengths listed in the factory service manual, then tighten down the clamps. That's pretty much it for mechanical work, next up is body work. Stay tuned and happy cruisin'!

28 August 2003...Finished page 17 of the resto series; moved the 3 e-brake photos from 16 so they are all together. Page 17 also has the steering box rebuild. In the meantime, I have taken and scanned FOUR FREAKING ROLLS OF NEW FILM!!!!!!. YES, you read that right, 96 new photos. AS I said, they are developed and scanned, but it's going to be a huge job to get them processed (cropped, brought down to 100 DPI, made into gif thumbnails, etc.) and upload them. And of course there's all the narrative to go with. They are all of front and rear axle/differential/front knuckle rebuild. The front knuckle rebuild is quite complete, I tried to photograph each step of disassembly and reassembly. When done this may end up being the most comprehensive front knuckle rebuild series on the web. But, like I said, it's going to be a huge amount of work, so please bear with me :-)

29 June 2003...Posted page 16 of the resto series. The transfer case is rebuilt and reinstalled, and work starts on the parking brake.

18 May 2003...Linked up page 15 of the resto series. The page and photos have been floating around up there in my web space since last March, but I finally got around to linking everything up today. Also, composed, uploaded and linked my aux air tank tech tip. Lots more to come. Cruise Moab 2003 was da bomb!

16 Feb 2003...Corrected the link in the middle of the home page that points to the photos section. The top and bottom links were correct, but the one in the middle of the page still pointed to the old Xoom web space, long gone. My bad!

9 Feb 2003...Added a photo of various Land Cruiser distributors to the tech tips page for Jim Chenoweth's discussion on Land Cruiser distributors and what years came with which distributors. Added a larger version of the photo to his write up.

11 August 2002...Added Mark and Tom's crawdad party to the photos section. They catch crawdads and then have a great party every summer, cooking them Louisiana style in huge caldrons. I remembered to bring my camera this time and show their preparation and cooking, and of people at the party having a great time and chowing down on these tasty critters!

30 June 2002...Added Alan Rench's H55F install into an early 60, and added Josh Boltrek's advice on installing an H55F into an FJ40.

16 June 2002...Just got back from wheeling with my son for Father's day, lots of fun. Since I've already done two trail reports on Spring Creek Trail, I didn't snap many photos and am not planning on doing a write up, but it was cool. In the last couple months I've been quietly uploading a bunch of content and am only now starting to tie it in with html. Since the last update on this page I have added Jim Chenoweth's commentary on various vintages of Land Cruiser distributors. Last night I finished page 14 of the resto project series. Yet even since those shots were taken, I have finished reassembling the tranny, and installed it last weekend. The t-case sits on my workbench awaiting teardown. In the cueue are Josh Boltrek's H55F install into a later 40, Alan Rench's H55F install into an early 60, finish writing up Cruise Moab 2001, and then start on Cruise Moab 2002. I need to update all the cruiser links pages. Still lots more work to go. And learn to start using style sheets :-)

03 March 2002...Later in January I added my Moab in the Fall article that had been on CCOT's site for the last year or so. The text is the same, but I formatted it nicer (I think) and added a bunch of photos which weren't in the original article. Then last month I started on the stuff from Cruise Moab 2001, that's still a work in progress (like my build up of my 76!), and I have also added the dual battery wiring diagram to my tech tips series. Feel free to explore, I generally add the content before I announce it on this page. Happy cruisin'!

08 Jan 2002...Whew! Lot's of stuff going on I haven't written about here yet. Added new pages to the resto series over the last couple months, hadn't updated this page, just kept putting stuff up there. See, I can't FTP to AOL space unless I am actually on AOL's system, but I can add to the rest of my web space from anywhere with an internet connection. So, in the tech tips section, is the new fast moving parts catalog for Toyota Land Cruisers. More pages to the resto series, lots of stuff. I have several trail reports which are uploaded but not yet linked up, more stuff for the Cruiser sightings page, and more tech tips. Right now, I am trying to get the links on my AOL pages to point to the right domains, seems Xoom went out of business, like photopoint did. All my content went away. Fortunately, I have everything backed up and have uploaded it to my cruiserp[ages.com space. You will find that the links to the MP3s and the photo pages corrected here, and on the resto series pages. I will be correcting the links on the rest of the pages after I get this uploaded. Keep exploring, lots of new stuff! Happy new year and happy cruisin'!

21 Aug 2001...Added page 10 and page 11 to the resto series. Lot's more to go, hang in there!

15 April 2001...Added an 9th page to the restoration series, a new page to the tech tips section on replacing my camshaft, and am currently working a new trail report on a Rising Sun trip to Crystal Mountain. Still to come, more cruiser sightings, more links, more resto updates, more trail reports, and more tech tips. Don't know how much I can get done between now and Cruise Moab 2001. I have been adding stuff first, then updating this page, so check the different pages periodically for new additions!

1 March 2001...Added an 8th page to the restoration series. This page brings us to about August 2000. Hang in there, I'm catching up!

25 February 2001...Added Slaughterhouse Gulch trail report. Up next, more pages on the resto, more tech tips, cruiser sightings and more.

19 January 2001...Whew! Finally got all my cruiser content tranferred to cruiserpages.com. It had been hosted by xoom, then xoom got bought out by nbci. This host was getting less and less reliable. Half the time photos wouldn't show up, uploading was a hit or miss proposition, and overall their servers were rather slow. It came to a head last November and December when the entire site was down for days at a time and my pages could not be accessed. So I got another host and transferred all my cruiser content (with the exception of the Land Cruiser Tribute page, which remains on AOL) to the new host. Problem was all my links pointed to the old domain, so I had to go through all my code and change the domain. I also organized the files a bit differently on the new host, to make it easier for me to keep track of. The result was that I had a lot of work to do on changing all the links so that they would point to the proper pages. A couple of notes about this change: (1) Most all the links below that point to cruiser content still point to the old domain. I'm not going to bother to change them. Use the links at the top and bottom of each page to get where you want to go. (2) I will leave the old pages up at the old domain, but am not going to maintain them. (3) Now that this big change is complete, I can go about the business of posting all the new material I have been accumulating over the last several months. (4) Non cruiser content remains on the old host. Thanks for your patience! If you happen upon a broken link, please email me so I can fix it.

25 October 2000...Added a new page called cruiser sightings, and added new navigation links at the top and bottom of most pages. Actually, many these new navigation links have been added over the last couple days, but I am just now getting around to announcing it here. After all the existing pages have had the navigation links added, there will be at least two new pages to add to the restoration project series, a new trail report page, more stuff to add to the tech tips section, gosh, just tons more stuff. Bear with me, this all takes time. Most of the photos for these new sections have already been scanned and uploaded, it'll just be a matter of writing the html and the narrative to go with it.

09 October 2000...Added more photos to the Elephant Hill page of the Cruise Moab 2000 section.

18 August 2000...Added the Spring Creek Trail page to the Trail Report series. This was one of the tougher trails I've done, and the photos turned out great! Check out what Scott did to his bumper. Ooooops!

13 August 2000...Finally added the Cruise Moab 2000 series. Yeah, yeah, I know it's only been three months, but I have been busy spinning wrenches, wheeling and updating this web site in the meantime!

12 July 2000...Added another Trail Report, this one for Spinning Wheel Trail up above Idaho Springs.

1 July 2000...Added another page to the tech tips section, this one is on replacing the carb. This cruiser came with a Holley, and I replaced it with a Jim Chenoweth rebuilt stock unit.

25 June 2000...Added a page on replacing the clutch master cylinder to the tech tips section. Bottom line is, things almost ALWAYS turn out to be more work than you thought!

17 June 2000...Added another Trail Report, this one for a pickup run when a couple of buddies and I decided to go play in the snow up above Brook Forest this past February.

11 June 2000...Made a new page for Trail Reports. There are two more pickup trips to add even before all the Moab stuff. Plus I got some more Tech tips to add. Some has been scanned and uploaded, and I just need to write the html to tie it all in. Here is the directory to the Clutch Master Cylinder repair that turned out to be a much bigger job than it should have. In this directory, there are photos of the Carb Replacement when I ditched the Holly that came with the cruiser and went back to the stock carb. Stay tuned for more updates over the next few days!

29 May 2000...Added a new page to the Tech Tips section on maintaining and adjusting your drum brakes.

28 May 2000...Added a whole bunch of new links to Individual's web sites.

21 May 2000...Split the Cruiser Links page into separate pages. One page is a directory of my cruiser web pages, another page for links to Clubs and Organizations, a page for Companies that sell parts for our beloved beasts, and finally a separate page for Individual's web sites. Later today, I plan to add to these pages from the scores I have bookmarked since the last time I updated these links. After that, planned additions to the site will include adding a couple of new pages to the Tech Tips section, adding a page on each of two wheeling adventures I went on after the Rising Sun Snow and Pizza Run and before Cruise Moab 2000. And then of course, I have tons of photos to scan and upload for new pages to cover my adventure to Cruise Moab 2000. I have my work cut out, but I'll just keep chipping away at it. Thanks for dropping by!

12 March 2000...Added a seventh page to the Land Cruiser restoration series, reworked the other pages too. Made the thumbnails larger, edited some of the text to reflect updates on the project.

29 Jan 2000...Added a sixth page to the Land Cruiser restoration series.

27 Jan 2000...Added Charles Kondo's H55 swap into a '73 FJ40 notes to the tech tips section.

24 Jan 2000...Added a new page for the Rising Sun annual snow and pizza run. Also, due to the large number of inquiries, added a page on how to stay warm in your cruiser to the tech tips section. Rearranged many of the thumbnails on a number of pages to make things more legible, and edited text for clarity.

09 Jan 2000...Added Tim's Birthday cake on the face shots to the photos pages.

28 Dec 1999...Added a bunch of new photos and narrative to the Restoration project pages. And more to the photos pages.

25 Dec 1999...Christmas dinner is digesting and new pages are up! See the new Tech Tips section of the cruiser pages, and see the latest prgress on the Restoration project pages. More to come tomorrow!

23 Dec 1999...In the process of uploading tons more content, more cool links, lots more photos on the photos pages, and of course, tons more on the restoration project. Stay tuned for more updates!

07 Nov 1999...Added a 4th page to the restoration series, and added quite a few new links to the Cruiser Links Page. Air compressor died too, guess I had to catch up on the web site work :-)

05 Nov 1999...Added a new photo to the bio page. Played with the layout of the home page to make it look a little cleaner.

31 Oct 1999...Added the Webster Pass page, and changed the look of the home page. Still havin' fun here!

30 Oct 1999...Changed the URLs to my Xoom web space so the annoying Xoom banner advertising doesn't clutter up the top of the browser window and waste bandwidth downloading. Thanks for the tip Ralph!

9 Oct 1999...Added more photos and more narrative to the Land Cruiser Restoration Project page. Added a third page too.

25 Sept 1999...Added a link to the new land cruiser link page from the home page, fixed a broken link on this page (hey I'm usin' notepad here and doing all this HTML by hand!). Added another photo of the 1976 to the Land Cruiser Tribute page, along with a link to the Land Cruiser link page.

20 Sept 1999...Added more photos to the second page of the Land Cruiser Restoration Project page.

13 Sept 1999...Added a second page to the Toyota Landcruiser Restoration Project page, updating what progress has been made since the last update. Made a Land Cruiser link page, as I have accumulated scores of Land Cruiser links in the last couple of months. I didn't get many of the new links posted, as I was a bit short on time, but I'll try to get the rest posted in the next day or two. :-) I also have a LOT of new links to put on the cool links page, as well as new photos for the photos page. Speaking of links, it seems Tim has got the Obsidian web site back up, with a full redesign.

22 July 1999...Added some more photos and narrative to the Toyota Landcruiser Restoration Project page, updating what progress has been made during the last month. Added some new links to it, and figured out a new HTML tag. I like to use thumbnails of photos in web pages so the pages load faster, and you click on the thumbnail to see the full sized photo. The problem was that before I learned this new tag, if you click on the photo you then have to use your browser's "back" button to go back to the page. Or if you are a fairly sophisticated surfer, you could right click on the link and open it in a new window. With this new tag I learned, clicking on the link automatically opens it in a new window. KEWL!

10 July 1999...Created the Hackett Gulch 4 wheeling trip page. It was a great way to wind up the long fourth of July weekend! Check out the photos, there were 4 Toyotas, but even the Ford Expedition and the J**p Cherokee made it. Can't wait 'til the next trip! Woo Hoo!

22 June 1999...Added the Toyota Landcruiser Restoration Project page, which as the name says, shows the restoration project I am doing on my '76 FJ-40. I will be adding to the site as the project progresses, and probably splitting it into multiple pages as it grows.

10 June 1999...Fixed a broken link to the MP3 page for Upside Down.

23 May 1999...Redid the Landcruiser Tribute Page, now it has those little pop-up descriptions of the graphics, and updated descriptions of some of the links. Stay tuned right here for a photo documentary of the restoration project for the '76 FJ-40. By the way, all of these updates were done by hand in HTML using Windows Notepad. In some ways, the most elegant tool for the job."

20 May 1999...Added the little ALT tags to more links and rearranged the home page somewhat. Still need to make that MP3 page for the songs that are already posted, Upside Down and Reckless Reason.

17 May 1999...Figured out how to use the ALT tag for images in HTML...WooHoo! It makes a little text appear when your cursor is over an image.

1 May 1999...Reworked home page, moved Bio material off to a separate page along with that old B/W photo of me from when we had our band photos taken, August of '96 I think. That should make the home page load like lightning! Next I made a separate MP3 page for the new song that Craig and Tim and I wrote a few weeks ago, as I uploaded Reckless Reason to my Xoom space a week or so ago. By the way, I tried that hotdog CD today, it doesn't seem to want to let me edit local html files. What's up with that??? Next I think I might create an MP3 page to link the two songs off the home page. Frontpage express is still a pain, and I am using Netscape composer and windows notepad mostly.

28 March 1999...Successfully uploaded Upside Down in MP3 format to my XOOM web space, updated this page, the opening page, and added instructions and links to the page for the MP3!

19 March 1999...Fixed most of the broken stuff that didn't work right from yesterday's upload. Mostly broken hrefs, also the animated GIFs weren't animated, they should be now. Uploaded a couple of things that got forgotten, and added another photo to the Mount Falcon Park photo set. Hopefully everything is working now...we'll see! In case anyone is interested, I am finding Microsoft Frontpage Express to be a ROYAL pain in my ass! I did all the new photo pages with it, but still had to spend more time fixing the stuff it did wrong using Notepad directly coding the HTML than it took to compose the pages originally! I'm not sure what all the hype is about. I think next time I'll try Hotdog, I got a CD here somewhere.... :-)

18 March 1999....Added a WHOLE NEW SECTION in the free web space that XOOM gave me. Right now there are seven NEW pages of photos. They wouldn't let me upload MP3 files yet, but I think I can figure out a way around it.

22 February 1999...new stuff:

Created this page (new stuff), added link for new stuff page to home page, removed new stuff from home page, added link on home page to new Land Cruiser page, fixed some broken links on the new Land Cruiser page. Also edited opening narrative for brevity.

21 February 1999...new stuff

*Created and uploaded Land Cruiser Page.


20 November 1998....new stuff:
*Added graphics to links for Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Silverchair, Metallica, Offspring, Seven Mary Three, Rage Against the Machine
*Changed link destination for Rage Against the Machine
*Added links for Eve 6, Creed, Days of the New and the Refreshments
*Added link to Startrek site on cool links page


19 November 1998....new stuff:
*Added East and West link and graphic
*Changed some JPGs to GIFs so they would load one at a time instead of simultaniously


18 November 1998....new stuff:
*Changed the graphic for Pajama Farm to a faster dowload
*Added Blue Oyster Cult Fan Club Link
*Deleted Dream Theater and Ugly Kid Joe links...rechecked them and those web sites seem to be down.
*Added graphic for Motley Crue's web site. They have done a lot of work recently on this one, and added some new audio clips!
Added graphic for Sugartooth link

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