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Here's some non-cruiser related photos. This was originally on free web space I had on Xoom, but they went away, kinda like Photopoint.

This page will lead off into different categories, I guess it will depend on what I put up here, eh?


Tom and Mark's 2004 Crawdad Party Tom and Mark's 2004 crawdad party

Tom and Mark's Crawdad Party Tom and Mark's 2002 crawdad party

See Obsidian play the Kittredge Canyonfest My son's band Obsidian played the Kittredge Canyonfest in August 1999. Here's some photos I took of their performance.

Across the canyon from Kittredge.

These were taken during a hike at Mount Falcon Park.

Halloween photos.....

OK, this is miscellaneous, I couldn't possibly characterize this any other way! Have fun!

There are a lot of elk roaming around my neighborhood!

Of course I have LOTs of photos of my band, Hydraulic. (But they're not all posted yet...)

And of course you never know WHAT might happen in the garage!

These photos copyright 1964-2004 Jeff Zepp