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Here's some shots of my band of 7 years, Hydraulic.

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From left, Scott Yoder, Tom Rinnert, Jeff Zepp, Joe Rounsavel, Tommy Montoya

This is the infamous "Couch" shot, which has adorned our flyers and website for quite a while. Yes, I did used to have an old couch in my backyard. It's gone now, but the washer ramains. Maybe I'll ditch it one of these days!

Click for full sized image Click for full sized image A lot of folks hang out at the bar upstairs, so I gotta go up and play for them! Click for full sized image

The Main Street Bar and Grill in Castle Rock is one of our favorite places to play! These photos were taken by Siggi when she came out from Maryland in March of 1998.

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another one of our favorite places to play was also in Castle Rock, before it closed. It was called Jesters, and it ROCKED! Of course we did our part.

Click for full sized image Bob Fowler was the original bass player, love those patriotic duds!

This was from T&Rs club in Denver, around Sept 1995 I think...Click for full sized image

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These are some shots of my previous band, The Hot Line Band, playing at a now-defunct club in Bergen Park called the Timberline. The weekend before we played this gig, the Johnny Winter Band had played there and trashed the place.

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