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As always, Tom and Mark put on a heck of a party. They bust ass catching them and preparing them for us to enjoy, turning all us land locked Coloradans on to Cajun style hospitality. Below, Mark sports a new shirt for the occasion, and in the background you can see the new cauldrons they got for this year's bash. The first Saturday in August is the family oriented version, and the second Saturday is adults-only kegger. Naturally, this is the kegger!

Tom is wearing his traditional t-shirt with the "Suck This" "Eat This" instruction on it. But behind him you can see a new addition for 2004. He and his band "Wake Roscoe" will play later on. He declared "We'll play until the cops shut us down. It might be a few minutes, it might be an hour, but we're gonna play!".

Below, Tom is ready to start rinsing off a batch.

These guys are feisty!

Ann, Linda and Ashley wonder what's going to happen next?

Another batch gets rinsed.

They have this down to an art.

Notice the couch and the cover in the backyard. Before the evening was out, these would all be occupied. Mark, Tom and Roscoe really know how to put on a great party!

Ash is enjoying it.

The backyard starts to fill up as more people arrive.

Oh yeah, they're looking good!

Here you can see some of the supplies they've laid in. We have corn on the cob up the gazoo, lemons up the gazoo, cayanne pepper, lemon juice, hot sauce, bay leaves and more. It takes a lot tp put this thing on, hats off to Mark and Tom for all their hard work!

Here's what it looks like when a batch comes out. In about 2 seconds, half a million hungry folks will descend on these critters and devour them with enthusiasm you have to see to appreciate.

That was a good batch. Yeah, that was a good batch.

Another one goes into the cauldron.

Tom carefully lifts the next batch out of the cauldron.

Oh yeah, another great batch! These guys get better and better each year!

Yours truly.

Crawdad pickin is serious business, man!

Oh yeah, talk about a good batch! Woo Hoo!

Next, Tom and his band start to play. Of course there's Tom on bass, and Todd plays lead guitar and sings most of their songs. Sorry, I didn't catch the drummer's name. They rocked for almost an hour before the cops came and shut it down.

Ashley, Linda and Scott enjoy the show.

Todd was especially impressive on "Devil Went Down to Georgia"

Ann and Scott enjoy a lively conversation. This was a kick-ass party, full of great people and conversations, especially great food and music.

Todd impresses the crowd as the band kicks ass.

Like I said, before the evening was out, all the seats were filled, and everyone was happy. What a great time!