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Catching air on Steel Bender, Cruise Moab 2000

Note:These are only sites that I have visited personally and explored. I will vouch for the good quality cruising found on these sites. If your site isn't listed here yet, it's either because I haven't gotten around to it (I have tons of cuiser links bookmarked that I haven't posted here yet), or because I don't know about your site yet. If you would like to link up, drop me an email and I'll get you up here as soon as I can!

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Kevin Ehrlick (aka Uncle Ben) is the Events Coordinator of Rising Sun Four Wheel Drive Club, and he has a great web site on his cruisers, wild rice, his highly modified 1964 FJ40, and long grain, his FJ62. Check it out!

Rob Meredith is Vice Commander of the Rising Sun 4WD Club, this is a link to his home page, where you can see his rare 1960 FJ25, Moab tested! His current project is a 1965 FJ40. I don't see this page linked up from his main page, so I am including the direct link here. It shows how he is making replacement body panels from scratch for the '65.

My buddy Nolen from New Orleans is a dedicated cruiserhead and a really cool dude. He posts regularly on the Cool Cruisers Info Exchange, and has a tricked FJ40 "Kate" and a sweet FZJ80, "Bertha". This is a link to his Photopoint site, where he has a slew of excellent cruiser photos.

Jim Van de Ven has a nice cruiser page on his web site. He describes building up his '67 '40, doing a frame up on his '68 '40, and describes his '84 '60. Nice trail reports, a quality cruiser site!

Jon Reynolds posts on the CCOT forum periodically, this link takes you to his Land Cruiser home page. Check out his 1967 FJ40 and all the mods he has done.

Robert Brantley takes you to The Land Cruiser Zone with this adventure into his rebuild of his '78, links and more!

James Stedman has an excellent Land Cruiser Gear Calculation Program which you can download and run from this site. I have tried it and it's really slick!

Mark Brodis has an excellent cruiser site with shots of his '81 '40, and a great trail report of Independance Trail, one of the more hardcore trails in Colorado.

Nigel Buxton is a Lister from down under, check out the rare non-USA cruisers on his web site. He has shots of '40s, '55s, '60s, '70s and '80s, excellent photography!

Check out Jon Blanken's photos of the Retro Cruiser on his photopoint web site.

Christo Slee has an excellent web site on modifications and accessories for your '80. This is sort of a business for him, and maybe belongs on the Companies page, but he's a local guy and is also a lister.

Ryan Flowers has an excellent site called The Iron Pig.com which features his '55, "the Toy Hummer", a chat room, tech pages, "The Crawford Files" (one of my favorites) and others. Check it out!

I'm not sure who put this web site up, but it has some of the coolest pictures of a snorkle-equipped cruiser cruising underwater. Check out the The Underwater Car!

Dave Plummer is active on the List, and here is the link to his home page.

Paul is restoring his 1964 FJ45, here's a link to his page documenting his project.

Here is "Slack's" Cruiser page. He doesn't mention his name on this site, but I think that it's probably Todd Andrews, whom I wheeled with at Moab. He took the photo at the top of these pages, and here is the link to the photopoint page he put his Moab photos on.

Rick Jones' Land Cruiser pictures. This guy's got a great Land Cruiser site...definitely gotta check out his Vegas trip, he and Carlos had quite the adventure!

Gina Bringman has put up a heck of a web site called Xplorn. It showcases Cruisin' near Anchorage Alaska, there are some beautiful photos in there. You can also see some of her stunning work gracing the pages of Toyota Trails, the official publication of the TLCA.

Morgan Fletcher helps administer the LCML, and this is his Cruiser page. He has some excellent tech tips on here!

Eric Stegall is another regular lister. This is a link to his Off Road Page.

Trey is another Cruiser head from Anchorage, and has put up an excellent web site that not only has excellent photographs, but he is a cable fitter and has some excellent information on winch cables and recovery gear.

Adam's Page-o-rama has lots of stuff on his 1970 FJ40.

Butch Baker in Texas is also a lister, and his sage advice can be seen on the CCOT info exchange. This is his cruiser hompage. He's got some great stuff here. A true cruiser head!

Greg redid his BJ42 with aluminum from Aqualu Industries. This web site documents his restoration project, what he has done is very similar to what I am in the midst of. He did a much nicer job on the web site part of it!

I'm not entirely sure what Crusher World is, club, organization, individual, but this is a great Land Cruiser site.

ULLA and MICHAEL have put up a web site that shows their Land Cruiser adventures in The Sahara - Iceland - Australia Looks like lots of fun and adventure!

John Stone has a really nice site of his rig. Not sure what year it is, but he's done quite a few mods, and has some nice trail reports in here too.

John and Ross have an excellent Cruiser site called 4wdLow. They have photos (of course), tech tips include do it yourself siping, spring over, saginaw conversion and on board air.

Antti Rauramo from Finland has a nice site on his 1979 diesel BJ40 named "Tuksu". It's a well done site, and he seems like a really nice guy.

Visit Robert E. Brantley Jr's Land Cruiser Zone. He's from Alabama, and from the look of these pages, he's definitely a cruiser head!

Mark Newby has a real nice cruiser site, and he mentions Rising Sun, though I'm not sure I have met him at any of the meetings. Maybe I have and just don't remember :-)

Nathan has a nice cruiser site of his FJ40 in New Mexico. Moab photos and more!

Mike Smythe has an excellent cruiser site which includes his 1968 FJ40 and 2000 UZJ100.

Paul Considine from Canada is in the midst of the most elaborate restoration I have ever seen. I mean this guy is just incredible when it comes to the level of detail he is doing, he even rebuilt his alternator and starter motor! If you want to see how a COMPLETE restoration is done, go see what he is doing to his 1978 FJ40 restoration.

Jim Brantley has a Land Cruiser site with tons of Rubithon photos. It includes the infamous "cruiser mating ritual"! :-)

Chris Colangelo is a fellow member of the Rising Sun 4WD Club, and is also the keeper of the Most Holy Register of Cruiser Names. This is where you register the name of your Land Cruiser, and everyone can see everyone's names for their Cruisers. Most cool! This is the link to take you to his home page, which of course is Land Cruiser oriented.

Will has a real nice cruiser site. Trail reports, tech articles, parts for sale. In fact, it seems like this guy always has parts for sale!

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