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This is a song I had been doodling around with for weeks on acoustic guitar; Craig came up for one last jam before he moved for California, and he and Tim and I jammed on it a couple of times when he wrote some words on the back of an envelope (I'm not making this up, I have the envelope) and we recorded it with no one at the controls. The words are about the conflict in Kosovo, but little did we know that ten days later they could have just as easily applied to the tragedy at Columbine High School. I hope you enjoy it!

This is important! XOOM won't let me have any files up here with an MP3 extension, so I had to upload this as without the "3" at the end.

AFTER you download it, you need to rename it to reckreas.mp3 for windows to recognize it and know how to play it!

Go out to windows explorer and double click on it, wherever you saved it to. (you did remember where you saved it off to didn't you???)

If you have never heard of the MP3 music format for the internet before, it is simply a way to make big music files smaller so it doesn't take too long to download it. If you need an MP3 player for your computer, try this site, they have all kinds off cool downloads!

One other word of caution...this file is about 3.8 megabytes, so go get a beer and socialize with your neighbors while you wait for this to download. I hope you enjoy it!

Reckless Reason in MP3 format, 128kbits stereo
Words and Vocals by Craig Zubchevich
Guitar by Jeff Zepp
Bass by Tim Paull
Written and recorded at Craig's last Colorado Jam, April 10, 1999
Copyright 1999, all rights reserved